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Student Dress Code

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Students attending Bradshaw Christian School are required to wear uniforms in all grades, Kindergarten through High School. The uniform itself allows for personal selection of preferred colors and types of garments within the boundaries set by administration. The primary objective of the dress code is to give priority to the development of the inner self over the outer self.

(1 Peter 3:3-4) Therefore, the criteria for the dress code promotes modesty, respect, safety and discretion. Students are expected to arrive at school in dress code and stay in dress code throughout the day. Parents must cooperate with the school in enforcement of the dress code by purchasing clothing items that coincide with the dress code. The administration has final say on dress appropriateness.

Note the changes for the new school year!

Each campus will have slight variations within the dress code. Please refer to your student’s dress code handbook addendum available below.

Elementary Dress Code
Middle School Dress Code
High School Dress Code

Uniform Exchange

Every year, on a bi-annual basis, our families have a uniform exchange. As your student grows, you can bring in gently used uniform clothing and exchange for a larger size!

July Uniform Exchange
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