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BCS Password Reset Options

On-Campus                      Off-Campus

The first time you access the password self-service site, you
will be asked to create a short Questions & Answers profile.

Create Your Q&A Profile:
1. Click on the appropriate On or Off-campus link.
2. Enter "BCS\username" and characters in the image.
3. Click on "My Questions and Answers Profile".
4. Enter the characters in the image.
5. Enter your CURRENT Windows password.
6. Answer several personal security questions.
7. Click NEXT to save your answers.

To Reset Password or Update Q&A Profile:
1. Click on the "Password Reset" link above.
2. Enter "BCS\username" and characters in the image.
3. Select the function to perform.
4. Enter the characters in the image.
5. FORGOT PASSWORD: Answer your challenge questions.
6. ALL OTHER FUNCTIONS: Enter your current password.
7. Follow the steps to complete.

Better Security Using Passphrases

The more characters your password has, the stronger it is and the
harder it is for an attacker to guess.

However, complex passwords can be difficult to remember. To solve
this problem it is recommended that we use passphrases. These are
simple phrases or sentences that are easy to remember, but hard to
hack. Here is an example:

Where is King Julian?

This passphrase is stronger because it is 21 characters long and it
uses capital letters and symbols. You can make your passphrases even
stronger if you replace a couple letters with numbers or symbols,
such as:

Letter ‘a’  =   ‘^’ or ‘@’symbol
Letter ‘o’  =  ‘0’ (zero)
Letter ‘i’   = ‘!’
Letter ‘e’   =  ‘3’

Wh3re !s King Juli^n?

1. Be sure to use a different passphrase for the special accounts or
devices you have. Never use the same passphrases for work or banking
that you use for Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

2. Never share a passphrase or your strategy for creating them.

3. Avoid easy-to-guess or commonly used passphrases. For example, the
phrase, “Four score and seven years ago,” is not a good passphrase,
since it is so well known.

4. Do not use public computers, such as those at hotels or libraries,
to log in to a work or bank account. Since anyone can use these public
computers, they may be infected with malicious code that captures all
of your keystrokes. Only log in to your work or bank accounts on trusted
computers or mobile devices.

5. Make sure that when you answer personal questions, you use personal
information that is not publicly available or fictitious information
you have made up.



High School
  • May 2017
    • 05-30 Minimum Day-MS/HS Only
    • 05-31 Minimum Day-MS/HS Only
    • 05-31 Kindergarten Graduation 6:30 PM
  • June 2017
    • 06-01 Minimum Day-MS/HS Only
    • 06-01 5th Grade Promotion 1:00 PM to 2:30 PMMS Gym

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