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A Message from our Athletic Director

Beginning with Philosophy…

What a journey this has been over the past 25+ years here at Bradshaw Christian. I’m sure there are all sorts of amazing testimonies that are being formed and forged each and every day on high school campuses across the country. I know here in the BCS community we are living and celebrating life. God is amazing and has blessed this campus with awesome people, both staff and families. The community here is unique and alive.

As director of athletics my focus is building character as we stand with our student athletes and experience life’s challenges together. We teach our young people to; embrace the pain in order to experience the joy, know success through failures, press on and see our PRIDE as family and in hope.

Our athletics here at BCS is high level and strives for athletic excellence. We don’t boast, we compete to the best of our abilities and we look for the greatest challenges we can find. We put ourselves out there, no holding back, live and learn, no regrets….

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” 1 Corinthians 9:24

Enough of what I believe, let’s get into what we’ve done athletically since we started our athletics program back in 2003.

As to History…

God has grown our little, country, Christian school into a well respected educational institution that brings the message of Christ into all aspects of a student’s life. From its founding, administration was on board to invest and foster an intelligent and competitive athletic environment, knowing God is the Ultimate Coach and the Greatest Competitor. Back in 2003 we offered only a few elementary and middle school sports and with our inaugural freshman class of 15 students we just didn’t have enough for high school sports that first year. The following year, now with freshmen and sophomores, we began our high school sports program at the Junior Varsity level or Frosh/Soph level, offering girls volleyball, co-ed cross country, girls/boys basketball and girls soccer. Fast forward to today, we are blessed to be respected and sometimes referred to as a “small school powerhouse” and “one of the most successful athletic programs in California”.

As to Success…

We are extremely proud and excited to participate in the development of these young lives. Every year we have some student athletes receive athletic scholarships. We have alumni now that are competing at the college level, professional level and a few graduates making 6 figures after being student athletes here at BCS. Our kids represent BCS in sports starting in kindergarten all the way up to the varsity level. Our high school athletic program has won 23 section championships, 52 league championships and countless MVP, All-League, Coach of Year Awards and Scholar Athlete Awards. What I love most is that our athletic program is providing opportunity for the future of these student athletes.

Back to Philosophy…

We preach “Tradition Never Graduates” and this holds true today in our daily battles and the crossfire that is going on in this world. We are raising up Christian soldiers; young men and women that are figuring out life and figuring out their relationship with God and how to be strong and faithful servants glorifying His name. We love competition, we love to win and we have been extremely successful. In the end we go right back to our humbled beginnings, “CHARACTER!” Winning and success is a by-product of the character building and facing the challenges that God uses to grow and advance us as Christian men and women. It sounds good to strive toward athletic excellence but really we are living life and serving a living God. We celebrate life through athletics and Bradshaw Christian is an amazing place to experience God’s grace.

This is a really supportive community and we love our sports around here. Life happens and what a blessing to be able to stand with young people and plant seeds that will be cultivated for a lifetime. If you are reading this I hope you enjoy your time here at Bradshaw Christian School! May the love of God shine through your experience.

Purple and Gold, ROLL PRIDE ROLL!!!

Alex Williams

Director of Athletics

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