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TAPS Tuition Rebate Program

TAPS Vendor List (Updated July 2017)

Getting Started

One time Registration is quick and easy! Orders need to be placed online by Monday night. If you are paying by check, make sure your payment is in the TAPS envelope by Tuesday at 8am, found in the school office. Before you begin, register with the school by printing and filling out the TAPS Registration Form (forms may also be picked up in person at the School Office). Once turned in, you can begin saving on your tuition dollars by shopping!

TAPS Registration Form
Enrollment Directions (PDF)

Next steps…

  • Start at www.shopwithscrip.com
  • Go to the “Family sign up” and click “Create account”
  • Complete steps 1 and 2
  • Step 3: Add “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Student’s Name”. You MUST enter the Student’s Name. This is necessary for account verification.
  • Enter BCS “Enrollment Code”: 6F49151C17479
  • The next page will verify that you are a member.

Payment Options

Presto Pay

  • After verifying your TAPS account, click “Presto Pay” on the sidebar.
  • Click “Yes, I agree” and follow instructions.
  • You will then be instructed that 2 small, random deposits will be placed into your account, As soon as you see the deposits in your account, make a note of the amounts. Return to shopwithscrip.com, click “Presto Pay”, add the 2 deposit amounts in the boxes and click “Next”.
  • Give Presto Pay up to 48 hours to verify your checking account for the 1st time.

SIMPLE AND SAFE!!! Remember to place your order by Monday at 6pm.