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Preschool Curriculum

A Day in the Life of a Preschooler

Here at Bradshaw Christian Preschool, we are committed to providing a clean, safe, fun and loving environment for all our preschoolers, where he or she can grow and blossom at his or her own rate of growth and development. In all activities, character development is formational to our life together. We want to learn more everyday about Christ Jesus and the things that make His heart happy or sad.

A typical preschool day is filled with a variety of activities designed to challenge and enhance each child’s growth. These fun activities include: Arts and Crafts, Science, Bible Time, Culture, Phonics, Language Arts, Math, Perceptual Motor Skills (both large and small), Music and Movement, Circle Times, with an emphasis on Self-help Skills (i.e. Table Manners) and Social-Emotional development. Periodically special events are planned for our preschoolers to enjoy on our campus, which help serve to enrich the monthly thematic curriculum units being explored.

Children have ample daily opportunities to experience the above activities during planning times, table time, circle time, as well as indoor and outdoor play time, involving both structured and unstructured learning times. Play is an especially important part of each day, as preschoolers learn to interact with each other, manage and resolve conflict with one another, while respecting the individual differences that make each one of us so very special!

Goals for Kindergarten Readiness


  • Listen with increasing attention will be demonstrated with attending to a 15 minute lesson or circle time.
  • Understand and follow a 2 step direction.
  • Listens and shares ideas in conversations with others.
  • Listens to stories and answers simple questions.


  • Perceive differences between similar sounding words.
  • Produces speech sounds with increasing ease and accuracy. Zoo phonics sounds: one sound, one movement.
  • Speaks in clear, complete sentences.


  • Shows a steady increase in listening and speaking vocabulary and uses it in everyday conversation.
  • Links new learning experiences and vocabulary to what is already known about a topic.

Verbal Expression

  • Uses language to get their needs met.
  • Begins to engage in conversation and follow conversational rules.
  • Asks questions and makes comments related to the current topic of discussion.
  • Begins to retell the sequence of a story.

Beginning Reading Skills

  • Understands the concept of rhyming and can demonstrate by orally rhyming in sounds, song, games, and poems.
  • Recognize the beginning sound of all words.
  • Can spell CVC words in a word family.
  • Knows letter names and sounds of the alphabet.
  • Understand that English is read from left to right and top to bottom.
  • Identify the front and back cover, title page, author, and illustrator of a book.


  • Be able to correctly form letters from left to right and top to bottom.
  • Learning to write their first and last name.
  • Be able to correctly form numbers 0-9.

Numbers and Operations

  • Understands one-to-one correspondence that can be demonstrated in two ways: counting objects orally and by matching the printed number to the amount 1-10.
  • Counting by ones to thirty.
  • Begins to compare the number of concrete objects using language (e.g. “same, equal, more than, less than, or one more”).
  • Recognizes and describes the concept of zero (meaning there are none).
  • Can identify first and last in a series.
  • Can add numbers up to 10 using objects (if needed).
  • Can recognize the number that comes before, after, and in between up to 10.

Patterns and Order

  • Recognizes oral and written patterns A, B and A, A, B,B can be demonstrated in the following ways: (clap, clap, stomp, stomp, yellow, blue, yellow, blue).
  • Recognizes patterns in the environment (day follows night) patterns in carpet and clothing.
  • Begins to predict what will come next when patterns are extended.

Geometry and Measurement

  • Recognizes and names shapes. (Square, circle, triangle, rectangles).
  • Uses positional words such as inside, outside, behind, below, above.
  • Makes comparisons between the size of objects as demonstrated by ordering three objects: small, medium, large (smaller than, taller than).
  • Can identify which objects sink or float.


  • Verbally state days of the week.
  • Verbally states months of the year.
  • Has concepts of time demonstrated through understanding daily routines.
  • Understands how time changes through the seasons (activities and clothing).

Classification and Grouping

  • Classifies by one attribute and explains their reasoning (blue group, red group, cars group, truck group).
  • Describes similarities and differences between objects.
  • Knows eight basic colors.
  • Participates in creating and using real and pictorial graphs (children in the class, red apple vs green apple).

Personal Development

  • Develops a sense of personal space.
  • Expresses interest and self direction in learning.
  • Shows self control be following classroom rules.
  • Takes responsibility for own behavior and actions.
  • Appropriately controls intense feelings such as anger, disappointment.

Social Development

  • Shares and cooperates with others.
  • Respects others space and belongings.
  • Beginning to develop friendships.
  • Begins to express thoughts feelings and ideas through language and gestures and actions.
  • Responds to suggestions of others.
  • Respects the teachers authority and follows the classroom rules.
  • Participates in group games.

Gross Motor Skills

  • Begins to throw or kick an object in a particular direction.
  • Begins to play catch with a bean bag or large ball.
  • Bounces and catches a large ball.
  • Begins to coordinate arms and legs.

Fine Motor Skills

  • Demonstrates pincher control by picking up objects.
  • Holds writing tool correctly (large pencils).
  • Uses scissors correctly.

Relationship with the Lord

  • Gain understanding of God’s love and forgiveness.
  • Inspire love for God and a life lived for Him.
  • Love one another as we love ourselves

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Kindergarten Readiness Goals

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