8324 Bradshaw Rd
Sacramento, CA 95829
Main: (916) 688-0521
HS: (916) 525-4550
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Melissa Bowers, Principal

(916) 525-4550


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Curriculum Overview

At Bradshaw Christian High School we prepare our students for admission into four year colleges and universities. Our curriculum meets, and exceeds, the University of California admissions standards. Our academic rigor is challenging and stresses independent thinking, writing, critical reading, and self-discipline in the context of our Christian faith. Homework and outside preparation are essential for a successful educational experience. Students should plan on spending an average of two hours per day outside of class time completing homework and preparing for classes. We offer several honors and Advanced Placement courses to qualified students which requires extra effort and preparation outside of class. Students are encouraged to meet with teachers and advisors outside of class as needed to help ensure success. In addition students are given “open time” each week to meet with various teachers and student study groups.

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular actives such as ministry, athletics, various performing arts, student government, and community outreach. We believe that participation in these areas help students mature socially, behaviorally, and spiritually.