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Healthy Campus Priority

“For the godly are BOLD as a Lion.”

Proverbs 28:1

BCS Health & Safety Information

Like everyone else, BCS has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic over the last three years. From temporary remote learning, to grappling with health and safety protocols never before imagined, we are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for HIS guidance as we navigated these uncharted waters. Thankful also, for flexible staff and patient students and families, to walk with us and continue building on the spiritual as well as educational growth of our students. As we transition from intense health and safety protocols to “business as usual”, we continue to have a “healthy only” campus policy in our sights. Please view the information below to familiarize yourself with that premise.

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Important Documents and Resources

While COVID-19 is still with us as a pathogen and illness, changes in it’s severity as well as mitigating vaccines and treatments has made tremendous advances in dealing with it. We continue to work on school polices that will address how to proactively and interactively deal with it as we move forward into the new school year. State and local health department guidance has changed and we are transitioning as well, to a broader scope of maintaining a healthy campus overall.

Healthy Only Campus Illness Policy
BCS Vaccine Declaration
BCS Parent Survey Results
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