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Welcome to Bradshaw Christian School!

Allow me to take a moment to give you a small glimpse into the heart of our community. We hope to offer an educationally challenging, intellectually stimulating, and spiritually engaging experience. Each one of us plays an important role in the lives of the young students with whom we are entrusted. We know that God has commissioned us with a great responsibility to care for and challenge your child to grow to his or her full potential in Christ. Our campuses are diverse, and we celebrate differences, because we know that our Lord made each of us unique and special. We deliberately create an environment that demonstrates an expectation that our students “think for themselves”. Whether in the classroom, on the lunch yard, or on a field trip, we look for and expect our students’ growth!

We believe at the heart of our ministry there is a true desire for excellence and a deliberate choice we make each day to serve our student body sacrificially. I have been told by many parents over the years that they most appreciate that the teachers really do care and take time to develop a personal connection with the students.

Additionally, we are working very hard to offer a challenging day to day curriculum campus-wide. Because we believe that a well-defined curriculum is critical in facilitating the engagement of all learners, (through differentiated instruction); we are committed to the most rigorous course offerings (in the form of accelerated learning opportunities in the younger grades, and AP courses in the high school); we choose to implement the highest learning standards (California Common Core Standards for Math and Language Arts); and we provide the best and most updated support tools to see that those goals are met ( New updated math textbooks in all grades K-12). Ultimately, a well-defined curriculum provides more opportunity for connections between the students, the teacher, and the subject matter.

Because we operate on the principle that students have a moral obligation to learn, and teachers have a responsibility to support them doing so, we value the entire scope of daily learning opportunities that come in many forms here at BCS. Outcomes are important, but so is the process of learning, which requires the learner to relate with and engage in the content that is being offered. In essence—Curriculum is all that is being taught by the teacher and all that is being caught by the student. We deeply desire to see that our students come into a dynamic relationship with Christ from which all learning flows. The ongoing process of developing our curriculum is stimulated by that continual our desire to help young people come to see themselves as unique creations of God. We design our curriculum with this goal in mind: Students should have many real and relevant opportunities to assist them in becoming active learners who will desire to find their identity in Christ.

I trust that if you are a current parent, grandparent, student or friend of the school, that you are finding an invigorating experience as you experience our campus climate. If you are a prospective parent or student, I hope you will come in and see for yourself just how many rich opportunities there are here for your child at Bradshaw Christian School!


Carl Eastvold

Founder, CEO and Head of School

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