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School Board

Bradshaw Christian School is governed by a board of directors consisting of seven to eleven members. Board members shall subscribe to the philosophy, mission, goals, and faith statement of Bradshaw Christian School. They are to be active participants of a local Christian church, spiritual leaders, seeking God’s will, and desiring to bring glory to Him.

Board of Directors & Governance

The BCS Board of Directors is given the responsibility for the establishment, maintenance, guidance, and spiritual leadership in the operation of BCS. The Board of Directors is the policy-setting body of the school.

Members of the Board of Directors are to be spiritual leaders in the school. They are expected to seek God’s will and direction for the school. They are to take responsibility for preservation and restoration of right relationship, primarily our relationship with God (Galatians 6:1-2; James 5:19-20; Isaiah 55:7). The Board of Directors’ specific responsibilities are to:

  • Establish the policies of the school.
  • Hire qualified administrators, faculty, and staff for the school.
  • Set the salary schedule for administration, faculty, and staff.
  • Approve the annual budget.
  • Monitor budgeting income expenses and needed adjustments
  • Maintain open communication with the staff, parents and community at large.
  • Maintain proper relationship with government authorities.
  • Actively lead in carrying out the vision of the school.
  • Exercise final authority in school matters as directed by the bylaws.

The administration is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Board of Directors to the staff, parents/guardians and students.

(916) 688-0521

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Last Day of School – 12:00 PM for Preschool - High School * NO CHILD CARE AVAILABLE after 12:00 PM