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Bradshaw Christian High School-Preps Students for Their Highest Goals

Bradshaw Christian High School-Preps Students for Their Highest Goals

Bradshaw Christian High School can surely boast in its college prep success as 91% of last year’s graduates went on to higher learning. But it is more than that. We strive to meet ALL students where they are at and work to challenge and push them to their fullest God-given potential. For some, that is fulfilled through attending trade school, working for a family business, or joining the military, all of which create amazing opportunities for our students’ futures. For others, however, taking an Advanced Placement (AP) course grows and prepares them for challenging academia following graduation.

AP courses bring several benefits to students. First, is the academic rigor; AP courses by their nature are college preparatory classes, and are in some ways more challenging than the collegiate equivalent. Second, is the GPA boost, as each letter grade scores a full point higher. Third, depending on their testing score, many students receive credit upon attendance to a college or university. Most importantly, however, are the ways various AP courses prepare students for critical thinking and high levels of academic excellence. A former student, Aidan Bloomstine had this to say about Bradshaw’s AP curriculum and how it prepared him for classes at USC:

“AP classes prepare you to think critically about texts and concepts. They force you to learn how to communicate your thoughts clearly and concisely in essays, and they make you comfortable with reading long passages and books. While AP classes are rigorous and challenging, you will leave the course well prepared for first year college classes.”

In the 2022-2023 school year, Bradshaw had 63 students take a total of 109 AP tests, with a pass rate of 90%. This is an achievement we are extremely proud of our students for, since the state average was 69%. For the 2023-2024 school year, Bradshaw has ten AP classes, a number that changes every year depending on student interest. From staple classes like AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP US History, and AP English Literature, to occasional language classes like AP Chinese, our students strive to push themselves. We know that AP classes may not open every door for every student. We do know that AP classes prepare students to take advantage of every door that does open for them.

It gives me great pleasure as a counselor, and as an AP teacher, to celebrate and highlight our students’ AP success these last few years. I look forward to the coming years as we increase our student body and look towards offering additional challenging AP classes to help our students adventure further into academic rigor.