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Music Mema Brings Love for God, Children and Song to BCS Preschool

Music Mema Brings Love for God, Children and Song to BCS Preschool

One of the casualties of the Covid-19 pandemic response here on our preschool campus, was gathering together for corporate Bible lessons and worship time during chapel. Individual classes had to make due with their own chapel time and not mix with other classrooms. They were not allowed to come together with their friends in other classes and experience the fellowship of group worship and fun. Now that the pandemic is over, we have brought group chapel back as well as some other enrichment activities that strengthen the spirit and encourage the imaginations of our youngest students here at BCS.

There are so many positive benefits to returning to corporate chapel time. Each class has a designated week to share a Bible story with their friends. Weekly mascot winners (those who are showing the fruit of the Spirit) are celebrated in front of a crowd of watching eyes. Collecting an offering is also a learning experience, encouraging compassion for others in need.

Corporate chapel has also brought back the opportunity to sing and be silly with Music Mema once a month! Music Mema, Mrs. Eastvold, is one of the founders of BCS and was a preschool teacher here in the first years of its existence 30 years ago. Her love of God, children, music, and imagination are surely expressed in what she brings to our chapel time. She has been introducing to the children, perhaps for their first time, songs from Raffi, Hap Palmer, and Mary Rice Hopkins, to name a few. Oldies but goodies that bring love and laughter never gets old!

Another post-pandemic addition to the preschool experience is “Story Time with Music Mema”. Once a month she brings some favorite books to share with each class. Classics and new authors alike, are brought to life with interactive sessions.

Now that we are beyond all the health department pandemic restrictions, we can also invite our parents to come and enjoy our group gatherings. We are so thankful, and as Raffi would put it; “the more we get TOGETHER, TOGETHER, TOGETHER….the happier we’ll be”!