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BCS Elementary Introduces First Ever “Newscast”

BCS Elementary Introduces First Ever "Newscast"

The BCS Elementary student council was involved in creating the school’s first ever “Newscast”, replete with reports on what has been going on within the walls and playgrounds of their campus, not to mention “breaking news” events as they occurred.  Bradshaw Elementary Student Television or B.E.S.T. hopes to have monthly newscasts through the end of this school year.

Lead by their advisor, Mrs. Partsch, the student council members visited classrooms where the news was happening in order to give our student body a glimpse into what is going on around our very busy campus. The inspiration for this endeavor came from Mrs. Partsch, who has been an elementary teacher here at BCS for several years and has just recently stepped into administration. Communicating to the masses was in her DNA as she credits her passion for journalism to her grandpa who was a newspaper reporter in the Bay Area for many years. She started pursuing Journalism in high school as the sports reporter for the Clayton Valley Talon and loved it so much that she decided to major in Communications in college. Attending Sonoma State, she worked for the Sonoma State Star for all four years. Those years began as a sports reporter and progressed to penning her own editorial. In her last year at SSU, she was promoted to Editor-in-Chief. Mrs. Partsch’s long term goal was to go into Broadcast Journalism and become a sports sideline reporter for a major network!  We are glad that God ultimately directed Mrs. Partsch into teaching here at Bradshaw Christian School! Now others may discover their own passion for communicating with their peers as she shares her skill and heart for journalism.