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Preschool Celebrates the Harvest

Preschool Celebrates the Harvest

God’s Harvest Celebration at the Preschool was like no other!  We based it on the book “The Pumpkin Patch Parable”. This book tells the story of a farmer who plants pumpkins and explains that just as the farmer carves his pumpkin that then lights up the night, so God does the same with His children, making us full of life and light.  It was also a “dress-up day” with the Farm theme. Children came to school dressed as anything found on a farm. From cowgirls to farm animals, there were so many creative costumes!

During celebration each class had an array of fun activities, which included art projects, science experiments, carnival games, and even face painting! Parents joined in on the fun during the outdoor activities and Pumpkin Patch. Each student got to pick their own perfect pumpkin and bring it home.

Our 2-year-old and 3-year-old classes enjoyed outdoor activities on their playground which has been recently updated with a new play structure. Thank you PTF to helping sponsor the brand, new structure. The children have been loving it!

Our families enjoyed this annual special event, and now we are looking forward to the upcoming Open House and the Holiday Season ahead!