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High School Explores Chapel Theme for 2022-23

High School Explores Chapel Theme for 2022-23

By Rick Denton
HS Bible Teacher

Who Does God Say I Am?

Here at BCHS, we want to give our students the opportunity to gather together in a time of enjoyment, worship, and encouragement. Every Wednesday morning, we set aside time in Chapel to re-focus our attention on the God who loves us. Each year, we have a theme that guides our worship and messages from the speakers. Last year, our theme was “Broken to Beautiful” and this year it is “Who does God say I am?”. So far we have had parents (Mr. Sipes, Mr. Almeida), pastors (Pastor Bassett), Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader (Daniel Denton) and staff (Mr. Denton) speak in chapel. We look forward to hearing from many other people from different walks of life who all love Jesus and encourage us to begin seeing ourselves the way that God sees us.

A few of the specific topics have been; “I am created in His image”, “I am seen”, “I  am known”, “I am renewed”, “I am called”, and “I am a child of God”. It is vitally important that we look past the lies we have been told by our culture, our enemy, and even ourselves. These lies might make us feel unloved, unimportant, or alone. But God doesn’t see us that way. He loves us, He wants us, and He will use us for His glory and the good of others. When we begin to see ourselves the way God does, we begin to walk in our purpose and find true life, joy, and fulfillment.

Mr. Brisco, the high school band instructor, has also gathered together a wonderful group of students who are leading the rest of us in a time of worship through music. The entire band and song leaders are talented students who are using the gifts God has given them.

Please join us in prayer for our students, that they would come to know Jesus in a whole new way through their experiences in Chapel.