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Recent BCS Graduate Accepted to NASA Internship

Recent BCS Graduate Accepted to NASA Internship

Intro by Mrs. Laurel Davis, Science Department Chair
Olivia Siu was a graduate from Bradshaw Christian High School in 2018.  I had the pleasure of teaching her sciences 3 of her 4 high school years.  Recently she was accepted into the NASA internship this summer and is majoring in Aerospace Physiology.  When asked how classes during her high school years at Bradshaw prepared her for college, the following is her response:

I always knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know what job I wanted. Then, for Graphic Design, I won first place in a digital art state competition. Then in AP US History, I was advised by prospective CIA to be a lawyer. Then the college counselor’s career quiz sorted me as a Rockstar and a Biomedical Engineer (in that order!). But what those things had in common was problem solving in a creative way. The result being a refined product from an informed author. I chose to investigate the challenges of extreme-environment sciences to direct and train my strategic, but creative mindset. I was always curious about the limits of the human body as explorers, and fortunately, I had a Chiropractor as a life sciences teacher who taught me a rock-solid foundation in health sciences. I still have a Chiropractor as an Anatomy and Neuroscience professor here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University because as the Dr. Karen Gaines, Dean of The College of Arts & Sciences, has stated, “I love my M.D.s, I love my Physicians, but always hire a Chiropractor to teach Anatomy.”

Because all the life science classes at Bradshaw under Mrs. Davis’ instruction were taught at the collegiate level, my pursuit in higher education and eventually NASA was confident and came naturally. From Baby Bio to Anatomy to AP Bio, questions and discussions were always encouraged because it meant real-life applications—a theme that brings both meaning and results to passionate workers. Interpersonal encouragement within the sciences from Mrs. Davis and within the area of Faith from the late Mr. Bowers strengthened my initiative as a college student evolving into an employee to be the first…to speak up, to volunteer, to stay behind. This leadership landed me a Lead Researcher position on a project that has received microbial species swabbed from the inside of the International Space Station—which we will continue to identify the species type and investigate any mutations.

Lastly, I must commend the English department during my high school education. I had many big ideas that often translated clumsily to any audience. Mrs. Kuhn and Mrs. Grove (formerly Ms. Suess) saw my passion to use my voice and dedicated time to untangle my delivery so that the (groundbreaking, I probably thought at the time) message would shine as intended. As a result of this encouragement and guidance, I am currently drafting an original scripted TV series with the help of a 2-time Emmy-Award winning screenwriter. This is a result of being selected by the ERAU Humanities and Communications Department for an Independent Special Topics Project—which is rare given the STEM-heavy strengths of the university.

Because of these diverse accomplishments and the honest passion to do more, I was nationally recognized as a 2021 Goldwater Scholar, ranking among other California-native high-performing undergraduates studying at Harvard, CalTech, and other prestigious universities. This prestigious and generous scholarship has connected me with an exclusive community to navigate higher education and beyond.

BCS congratulates Olivia Siu for her accomplishments that ensued from her hard work and dedication to learning and pursuing her dreams.