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BCS Middle School Has Full Year of Fun Amidst Covid Challenges

BCS Middle School Has Full Year of Fun Amidst Covid Challenges

By Mrs. Debbie Kenney, Middle School Principal

I am so proud of our middle school community with all the changes that had to happen on our campus this year! I cannot be more proud of my teachers for teaching not only the students in their classroom but also our online students. Our students quickly adapted to wearing masks, hand sanitizing, cleaning their desks, our new learning management platform (Canvas), adapting to a new campus while still academically performing well. Aside from students working hard to reach each benchmark in their academic requirements, we still found ways to have some fun on campus.

What? A Cabbage Toss?! That is correct! For St. Patrick’s Day our middle school students dressed in green and participated in a cabbage roll contest as well as a gold coin toss!  Socially distanced apart, students lined up and rolled cabbages to see whom could roll it the farthest!

April presented itself with a great Spirit Week! Students participated in “Twin (or more) Day” and “Easter Colors”. We actually had several fun weeks of dressing up! We were also blessed to have our first chapel of the year in the football stands. Although, it was windy, we were all blessed by the message and worship.

Jog a Thon 2021 was a huge success! Students had fun winning ice cream, pizza, and raffle prizes. It was wonderful as we all went out to the field to run and have a good time together.

We are looking forward to having our eighth grade student promotion and praying one last time with them as they see what God has for them in their next steps of their academic path.

God has truly blessed us this year by allowing us to return to campus. He is faithful!