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BCS Third Grade Visits the Capitol

BCS Third Grade Visits the Capitol

Seeing the State Government in Action

Our third grade class trekked to downtown on February 25th to learn about our state government. The field trip started at the Crest Theatre where they watched the play We the People. Mrs. White said, “…the play was full of laughs and made learning about the government and the political process tangible and exciting for our young students.”

Students were able to experience government in action when they walked over to the State Capitol building. The California State Capitol Museum opened their doors to share about cartography and managing California’s natural resources. A tour guide shared how to use the instruments from early days in California’s history to map out our great state.

Students found a great surprise while exploring the capitol building. Mr. Todd Bloomstine, a BCS Parent and board member, works at the capitol as a lobbyist. He took the time to answer all the students’ many questions as he guided them around the building on a personal tour. He shared about his experience as a lobbyist, showing our students government in action. What a treat it was when he brought the students into the assembly room!

Our favorite part was hearing how energized the third graders were upon returning to school. Each one had something to say about our state government, understanding its impact and process in our daily lives.