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Preschool’s Joeys’ Class Explore God’s Harvest

Preschool's Joeys' Class Explore God's Harvest

Ms. Ashli, Ms. Eva, Ms. Nini, & Ms. Liz

Our twos class, the “Joeys”, has been spending the month of October learning about God’s harvest. We started with learning about what God created on the farm, from the plants to the animals. We created a variety of farm animals; from muddy pigs, baby chicks, to neighing horses. We explored in soil (coffee grounds) with shovels, seeds, and veggies. We talked about the steps to grow something. The class really enjoyed pumpkin week when we cut open a pumpkin and touched and scooped out the goo. We even made a pumpkin volcano!

At the end of the month we had our fabulous Harvest Festival! It was a great time for families to come and do the activities with us. We dressed up as farmers, cowboys, flowers and so much more. Some parents came ready to participate in their own “harvest” costumes.  The event had activity areas such as, a sensory room with apples, craft room, game room with prizes, and even our very own pumpkin patch! Our class was in charge of decorating and creating the pumpkin patch. It was a great time of fellowship with our parents who donated décor as well as helped set the patch up. The children enjoyed creating pumpkins to display on the windows surrounding the patch. Everyone loved the event, and the  children were able to share in the fun with their parents as well as see more of what God’s harvest is about.