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It’s Prom Time!

It's Prom Time!

So much goes into planning, preparing and photographing normal prom events. But at Bradshaw Christian High School, faculty and parents extend the celebrations to stir school Spirit. Not only is the week of prom a “Spirit Week” with prom-themed dress up days, but two weeks prior to the big event, juniors and seniors vote in homeroom for their prom court. When the top three guys and top three girls in the junior and senior class are named, faculty and parents organize an early Monday morning “kidnapping” of the candidates!

The prom court nominees are “kidnapped” from their homes and taken to campus where they receive breakfast, a costume, a paper sash and an opportunity to greet their fellow classmates who arrive dressed for Spirit Week. We have a strong community of parents who, not only plan and organize prom, but also donate their time and even breakfast to make this fun possible before the big event! Amaya Dela Cruz, a junior and Campus Ministry intern, joined in the fun by bringing costumes for the candidates and capturing it all on film. She said, “My favorite part was waking them up and seeing their totally confused faces. Even though we had to get up super early, it was totally worth it!”