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BCS Yearbooks

Imagine something that houses images of all of the events and people who made your years in school special and you’ll get a sense of the importance of owning a yearbook. It captures memories frozen in time, events that happened, faces that change inevitably and memories that may only be remembered again by opening the cover. You can’t see the same things while scrolling through social media, and that is why a yearbook is actually a necessity. Yearbooks will never go out of style and will always be a treat when came across, no matter how old their users grow. They will always serve their same purpose that can never be quite replicated any place else.

For information on how to purchase a yearbook for your student and their respective school, please scroll below.

Please note: Elementary, Middle School and High School all use different yearbook vendors. If you have multiple students enrolled at Bradshaw Christian School, please ensure you are purchasing your book(s) for the appropriate grade level organized below

High School

Middle School

Staff Advisors

Matt Wachtor, High School Yearbook Advisor

Daniel Eastvold, Middle School Yearbook Advisor