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Children have been enjoying talking about our community and the jobs that help serve in our city.

We are so blessed to have a new light table and new listening center in our classroom.

Ponies have been studying about apples using our 5 senses. We painted with apples for art and we made applesauce together for Open House. We also put apples in water to see if they would sink or float for a science experiment.

Open House was a success! We all took family pictures outside and showed our families what we have been learning this school year.

2019-2020 Cheer Tryouts! Tue, 16 Oct 2018 18:41:00 +0000 Parent Meeting: April 1st @ 5:30PM (cheer room)

Clinic: April 4-5th @ 3:30-5:00PM (cheer room)

Tryout: April 6th @ 8:00AM (high school gym)

Uniform Fitting: April 10th @ 6:00PM (cheer room)

“Bradshaw Roar” Student Highlight-Pierce Wold Wed, 03 Oct 2018 19:32:43 +0000
Pierce Wold, State Rodeo Rookie of the Year
Pierce leading rodeo event in prayer
Pierce, State Champion of the Reined Cow event!

Pierce Wold is a sophomore at Bradshaw Christian and has been rodeoing since he was 11 years old.  As a participant in California High School Rodeo, he is held to the same strict standards as any other NCIF sport.  Pierce participates in 4 of the boys’ events: Cutting, Reined Cow Horse, Calf Roping and Team Roping.  Of these events, Pierce made the High School State finals in Cutting, Reined Cow Horse and Team Roping.  The State Finals were held in June of 2018 in the town of Bishop.  As Pierce was introduced in the arena, Bradshaw Christian High School was announced as well.  He and his family are very proud to represent Bradshaw Christian.  Pierce rodeoed in all of his events every day for a week.  At the end of the week he was crowned State Champion of the Reined Cow Horse event as well as Rookie of the Year for the State of California.  This past June, Pierce went to Rock Springs, WY for a week to compete in the National Finals High School Rodeo in the two events he qualified for: Cutting and Reined Cow Horse.  Pierce ended up 6th in the World Finals in the Reined Cow Horse.  He had an opportunity to share his faith in Christ at the rodeos and even started the televised rodeo on opening night with a prayer for the entire facility.  Pierce Wold rodeos because he feels he is serving God’s purpose for him – following the talent God gave him with horses – and always giving Him the glory for all success.

BCS Students Witness the Power of Words in Action Wed, 02 May 2018 20:49:08 +0000

By Christine Wheat
HS English Teacher

How important are public speaking skills in the work place? Bradshaw Christian High School students got the opportunity to see how communication skills make an impact within California government when they attended a state assembly session on March 19. Our Public Speaking students traveled to the California Capitol to observe legislators and lobbyists in action. Students used their evaluative and listening skills to assess the role of communication in the state legislative process.

After a tour of the capital building, students began their observations even before the assembly meeting came to order. Students quickly noticed which members were attempting to win over other legislators on the floor by the body language they were using as they met one another. Some were clearly working to try and gain support, while others were very closed off and seemed determined to stick to their own opinion or agenda.

As the session began, BCS students were recognized by Assemblyman Jim Cooper from the assembly floor. Students noted which speakers engaged the support of other members both on the floor and in the gallery audience through their preparation and conviction. While nearly all the bills presented were passed without dissent, one resolution received both overwhelming support and vehement opposition. The visit illustrated how communication skills can be either a detriment or tremendous asset in the public arena. Hearing passionate, well-prepared speakers rallying for their causes inspired the students to dive into their upcoming speech project with increased enthusiasm. Our students incorporated what they learned into the Voices Project, a two-week chapel presentation in which each student presented a speech featuring the powerful stories of people who refused to let their voices be silenced and made a phenomenal impact on the world.

ASL Students Experience the World of Deaf and Blind Tue, 01 May 2018 19:34:19 +0000

By Dawn Jackson
ASL Teacher

Day of Silence

Spring is a perfect time for American Sign Language (ASL) students to put what they have been learning into practice for one 12 hour day (8am-8pm). By observing this day, students get an idea of what the world looks like from a Deaf person’s perspective, and find other ways to communicate with those that do not know ASL. The Day of Silence is done every year during the second semester and each year students grow to understand more about how they are treated by their peers, family and staff because they have “different abilities.” Some ASL students wrote it was frustrating when their peers would tease them because they couldn’t talk, while others were excited for them and want to learn whatever they could. At home some families learn a great deal of patience while figuring out new ways to communicate with their child. Even some of the teachers would put the ASL students together in a group so they can freely sign to each other. Since ASL is offered to 8-12th graders, this day also brings awareness throughout our communities and our Middle School and High School Campus.

Deaf Blind Experience

As students advance to ASL 3 they learn more and more about the Deaf culture from Children of Deaf Adults (CODA), to individuals that are Deaf-Blind. After the students learn how Deaf-Blind people communicate and guide each other, they are able to participate in a Deaf-Blind experience. This experience is done one day during our 55 minute class, students will be blind folded with ear plugs and first learn how to navigate around the classroom. They will learn how to communicate with other classmates without seeing or hearing them, as well as put their trust in their partner as they become their “eyes & ears” while being guided around campus.

These experiences are so impactful because it really allows the students to step out of what they feel is their “norm” and truly see what others go through on a daily basis.

“They may forget what you said but they will not forget how you made them feel.” –Carl W. Buechner

Varsity Girls Basketball Defying All Odds Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:12:30 +0000

The three remaining players on the floor to defeat Union Mine in the Nor-Cal playoffs. Left to right, Anaya Mejia, Lani Fall, Jordan Patterson Reid.

Link to Sac-Bee article

At Bradshaw Christian, the girls varsity basketball program is no stranger to winning titles. Since the first season in 2005 till today, they have racked up 12 league titles and 7 section titles. However, they have never won a Nor-Cal regional title….which MAY be about to change. HOW they will do it is maybe a more remarkable story than the actual title. What are the odds of getting to the finals in northern California with the assumed deficits of this team? The first deficit is a six girl roster that has been taken down to 5 during the playoffs due to injury. The five on the floor have been asked to grind out 34 games from the tip-off to the buzzer. Maybe this is what has made them so formidable. Constant floor time gives them much practice honing their skills and plays to perfection. And endurance, even after full court presses and defense that smothers and frustrates the best of teams, has been a true marker of this small but energetic team. What is also a perceived deficit of this short roster, is just that. The height factor is also on the short side, with no player being taller than Laida Mangang at 5’10’ and one player, Lani Fall, being all of 5’3″.

As for the road to get here, the Lady Pride handily won their league this year by going undefeated with an average 58 point spread. Playing nationally ranked teams in the pre-season gave them their 12 losses. The exception was loosing to Christian Brothers, who took their win to eventually capture the D-III Section title.

The “Fearless Five”, as Coach Ruble endearingly calls them, had an amazing round two Nor-Cal playoff game versus Union Mine. “We realized quickly as the game started, they were every bit as good as we thought,” Ruble recalled. “The environment was amazing. It was crowded, it was hostile and it was us against the world.” During the course of the game the Lady Pride trailed by ten more than a few times before they made their final run. They were up by four points at the two minute mark when Jasalyn Brown fouled out. The next possession resulted in a second player, Cookie Marques, fouling out with one minute left on the clock. Down to a two point lead, the Lady Pride ran the clock down. But in dramatic fashion, with only three players on the floor, Jordan Patterson Reid hit a three pointer, twice, sealing the victory.

Now, with the return of their sixth player, Laida Mangang, the semi-final game versus Notre Dame from Belmont, the Lady Pride were able to contain the formidable center on the normally dominating, second seeded Lady Tigers.  Having not lost on their home court this season, Notre Dame was caught off guard by our little but “Sensational Six”. The final score was also a bit of a shock to the fans in the stands, if not the team itself. Draining nine, 3 point goals was a game record for our girls this season and helped take the wind out of the sails of the tough Notre Dame squad with a final score of 62-31.

For the second time in their short 13 year history, the Lady Pride basketball program is going to the Nor-Cal Championship game that takes place on Saturday, March 17th. They face number one seeded, Woodside Priory, in their little home gym. But hostile territory hasn’t phased them yet. You might say the BCS Lady Pride is peaking at the right time. Or, you might also need to say with Shakespeare, “Though (they) be but little. (they are) fierce!”

Third Graders “Work Hard and Play Hard” Fri, 02 Mar 2018 19:28:32 +0000

At BCS our students spend a lot of time and energy learning new concepts in language arts, math, science, social studies, music and computers.  But one of our goals on campus that teachers and students embrace is the idea of “Work Hard, Play Hard” and sometimes the concentrated learning must pause so we can celebrate.  In our classrooms we are blessed with not only excellent teachers but also instructional aides that assist our students with learning in the classroom and on the playground as well.  Today our 3rd graders wanted to share a special message of love and thanks and surprised one of their aides with a Happy Birthday message on his birthday.  We appreciate the aides that give so much to our students in and out of the classroom! Happy birthday, Mr. Sushch!

Elementary Recess Gets Colorful Tue, 13 Feb 2018 16:49:41 +0000

BCS Elementary is up to something new!  We are excited to be celebrating our 25th year of school and in addition to improvements and advancements in our classrooms we are adding color and fun to our blacktop playground.  Our students enjoy running and playing and they also take pleasure in chatting, coloring and playing card games with friends during recess times.  New picnic tables and benches provide opportunities for our students to sit with their friends or take a breather from an intense round of wall ball.  Our latest enhancements include some colorful “wooden playmates” who have joined our blacktop to bring a pop of color and encourage our students to have fun!  See you at recess!


Eighth Grade Shadow Day Meets “Pink Out” Day Mon, 12 Feb 2018 21:42:58 +0000

The “8th Grade Shadow Day” collided with “Pink Out Day” in the fall, for a great day of fun and celebration for our 8th grade students and high school Students. Each year our high school students celebrate cancer survivors during Breast Cancer Awareness month by wearing pink from head to toe! This is not only a great break from school uniforms but a great opportunity for our students to acknowledge those on our faculty and in our Bradshaw community who fight this fight. This year the day also landed on the 8th Grade Shadow day, so our future high school students were treated to an extra-colorful rally and tour through classes. Their day ended with a Q&A session with our dean and a pizza lunch.

Other opportunities provided our 8th grade students include voluntary participation in PSAT testing, inclusion in open house activities, participation in college fairs and coffees put on by our College and Career Director, Marlena Norman, and much more. If you’re interested, see the “8th Grade Agenda” in the middle school office.

Discipleship Class Takes the Lead Fri, 02 Feb 2018 20:25:15 +0000

It takes quite a crew with a heart to serve and put on chapels on a weekly basis, and our discipleship class is just that kind of crew! These students, who apply and are interviewed to be in the class, work one day each week on a chosen area of service. Half  facilitate our chapels and do everything from set up sound equipment, videos and chairs to putting out the “welcome” banners and donuts that greet our students each week.  The other half spend 45 minutes in reading groups in the kindergarten classes and enjoy the relationships built over the semester with the teachers and these young students.  The rest of the week, the discipleship class participates in a topic-driven study, looking at topics relevant to them in light of scripture.

What you see in this picture is the end of the semester Christmas celebration, which brought them to the campus to decorate the multi-purpose room on a Sunday evening, preparing for the Christmas chapel the next morning. This group of students is eager to work and play as they learn and serve together. Their example is a testimony beyond words!